Digital Printing

The Wide World of Digital Printing

Digital printing is a seriously wide business. Due to the advancement of the new digital printing technology, digital printing nowadays can be done on a wide variety of materials

1. Vinyl

Vinyl sheet is used to be cut "the old school way" to create custom individual letters and logo, but vinyl can be also printed directly today using solvent inks. Large format vinyl print without adhesive back is used as banners, commercial billboards, wall mount sign or even art student's posters. Digitally printed vinyl on adhesive back materials are commonly used as stickers or decals as well as car or truck wraps. The quality of the digital printing depends on the quality of the materials and the printing equipments itself.

2. Paper

Paper printing may sound "old" and it is indeed, and they used to be printed on offset printing equipment which has high minimum run. However, new technology from leading digital print manufacturers like Zerox, Epson, Roland etc. allows the production of low quantity, high quality print on paper, even in the large format (larger than A2)

3. Fabric

Fabric printing is also an old school business and they were excellent for large outdoor signs or banners. But they also used to require high minimum of prints to lower cost, however it's all chnaged and now there is a cheaper way to do custom high quality fabric print using the dye sublimation process. The vivid quality of the image on fabric makes it ideal for posters, flags and large size banners.

4. Magnetic sheet

Magnetic Signs are ideal for car or truck advertising as they can be removed from car or trucks' doors without much efforts and any damage.

5. Rigid substrates

Rigid substrates printing used to be done with stickers or decals laminated over the substrates, but now, digital direct printing is also available at an affordable price.

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